How Much Baby Clothes Do I Really Need?

sleepers, hats, Blue Jays sleeper, towel and hoodie

Shopping for baby clothes and dressing your newborn baby is one of the best parts of preparing for a new baby...who can resist those tiny little outfits!? On top of all the newborn clothes you won't be able to resist while shopping your favourite baby stores, you'll also find that friends and relatives will all be excited to buy them for you too. Most parents end up with a full baby wardrobe before they even get to bring their baby clothes? Considering how fast babies grow, that wee one won't fit into anything for too long. But you'll be glad to have lots of baby clothing for those all-too-frequent outfit changes.

It’s a delicate balance. You don’t want to spend too much on those expensive items that baby will only wear once or twice. And, in general, you don’t want to have too many pieces in any one size range because they will only fit for a short period of time. When I had my baby, we had so much, there were things she didn’t even get to wear! So sad to see those newborn baby girl clothes go untouched.  But at the same time I was glad to have piles of baby sleepers and baby bodysuits washed and ready for those days filled with spit-up and diaper blowouts.

So how much baby clothing do you really need? Here is the rundown of the must-have newborn baby clothes you’ll want to make sure to have on-hand leading up to the birth of your newborn baby.

Basic Baby Clothes



Baby bodysuits will probably be your go-to, no-fuss outfit in warmer months and they are also the perfect base layer in fall and winter. Seven to ten will give you one for each day of the week with a few extras to bring along in your diaper bag (for those extra messy moments).



Baby hats are good to have, especially in those early days when you need to keep baby nice and warm. Two is a good number to start, one of my favorite hats is the knotted beanies by Snugabye® from their Dream collection. The adjustable knot made it perfectly snug for my baby girl’s head. The other is the reversible slouch beanies, also by Snugabye®. They are perfect for any occasion and you get the variety of two different patterns in one.


Even in the warmer months, it’s important to make sure baby’s feet stay warm and cozy. Four or five pairs of socks should do. Check out these Snugabye® Dream turn-cuff crews. These were my fave when my daughter was tiny.


Make sure your baby’s nighttime clothing is cozy enough to keep them warm but at the same time, still lightweight so that baby isn’t going to overheat (I prefer to stay away from fleece for sleeping). Snugabye® sleepers are the best. Plan to have at least 4 or 5 on-hand. They come in a variety of styles including an adorable Footed Kimono style for easy diaper changes or with zip front and the Convert-a-Foot style which was first patented by Snugabye® for when they’re a bit bigger and on the move. All of these come in a super-soft, luxe cotton to help keep baby comfortable through the night.


Winter Baby Clothes

Depending on where you live, winter born babies will need a few extra items. Make sure to add a couple of additional pairs of socks (tricky on newborns but good for extra warmth) and pants in fleece or a heavier weight cotton. Go for comfy that have stretch in the fabric and are soft and durable.. Sweaters are also a good idea, but keep it cozy and light..nothing tight or constricting, the key is to layer. Winter babies will also need at least one layer of warm outerwear. In warmer regions, a winter coat with warm pants is probably enough, but for colder climates try a full-body outerwear piece, like a bunting bag.

Summer Baby Clothes

Muslin cotton swaddles

Make sure to include a sunhat with a wide brim that fits well and that won’t fall off.  I’d also recommend at least one lightweight swaddle. It’s always best to keep your baby completely out of the sun. One easy way to do that while making sure to not overheat baby is with a lightweight cotton Muslin swaddle. The Snugabye® Dream Cotton Muslin Swaddles are perfect. Just drape over baby’s car seat, stroller or carrier…and make sure those little feet are covered too!

Add in Some of Your Favorites

It’s ok to love those irresistible baby skinny jeans or the knit romper you saw at the baby store where you placed your baby registry. Make some room for at least one or two items that might not be totally necessary, but are fun and fit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Choose What Works for You

This breakdown is just a general guide to how many baby clothes your baby will really need. Obviously this will vary depending on your budget and lifestyle. Think about any extra considerations that might apply to you (ie. time of year, climate, special occasions, etc.) and choose the items that you think will work best for you. At the end of the day a baby doesn’t need much and no matter what they’re wearing they’re going to be A-DORABLE.

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