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Bonus Parents Day Press Release

  Press Release: Canadian Brand Snugabye Names July 12th “Bonus Parent’s Day”

to Celebrate the bond in Blended Families during COVID-19


Toronto, Ontario (Tuesday, July 7th)  – Snugabye, A Canadian brand that is world-renowned for adorable baby and toddler clothing and product innovation, is marking July 12th as Bonus Parent’s Day, a day to celebrate all caregivers who embrace the challenging role of Bonus Parent’s. A Bonus Parent is someone who loves and nurtures a child that they didn’t birth. Bonus Parent is a positive and modern descriptor, replacing the legacy term, ‘step parent’.  It strips away the negative connotation and celebrates a blended family narrative. Being a bonus parent is rewarding and challenging and requires heaps of patience, tough work, unconditional love and sensitivity. Given the current crisis of COVID-19, many families are struggling to adjust to parenting arrangements, especially with blended families, which makes the role of the bonus parent that much more crucial to creating a strong, cohesive blended family.

With July 12th falling shortly after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it gives the perfect opportunity  to highlight our bonus parents and to connect all parental celebrations to each other.  

“Snugabye® prides itself on being an inclusive brand, one that celebrates all families. As a form of influence within our communities, it is our responsibility to lead by example and inspire positive social change” said Aaron Mandelbaum, President of Gertex, who manufactures Snugabye®. “We’ve taken on the initiative of creating Bonus Parent’s Day during this challenging time for all families because we recognize the significant role that a Bonus Parent plays. By definition, bonus implies extra, more or a gift, which is a perfect reminder for all of us to celebrate these important caregivers and nurturers”.

While we believe in celebrating each and every day, we ask you to join us on July 12th to honour and celebrate all the bonus parents that embrace this child-rearing role. 



For more information, please contact:

Natasha Harvey

Account Manager 

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About Snugabye 

Snugabye is a part of parent company Gertex, which is the leading supplier of hosiery, headwear and trend right fashion accessories for more than 60 years. Snugabye Believes that there is nothing more precious than children and has been their guiding approach to designing and manufacturing children’s clothing and accessories since 1947. Snugabye is world-renowned for irresistibly cute designs and production innovation. Snugabye makes baby and toddler sleepwear, bodysuits and sleeping bags with the utmost care to ensure a perfect night’s sleep for your little one. Using only the finest materials for breathability and comfort, rigorous manufacturing standards ensure that every Snugabye product is easy to clean and durable enough to handle even the most active playtime adventures.

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