About our Adaptive Collection

Aaron Mandelbaum, President of Gertex, producers of Canadian children sleepwear brand Snugabye® decided there had to be a better way for special needs parents to start their day.  After witnessing his son Josh compulsively undress himself while in his crib and sometimes even smear his feces all over, Aaron set out to build something for parents like himself everywhere.  Anyone who cares for others with special needs knows the need for respite from the challenges this special population sends their way. What a difference it would make if he could help them start their day on a happy note by creating something to help his child, family and the special needs community get the sleep they so desperately need and  deserve. 

“Snugabye® has always believed in being inclusive, celebrating all children and their families from all walks of life. As a children's sleepwear company, we strive to service and offer solutions for all families' needs”, says Aaron.

Starting with the fabrics, the sleepers in this collection are durable and built to last, while remaining soft and cozy. All tags are affixed to the outside of the garment ensuring children can move about and play without the sensory discomfort often caused by sewn in labels. Along the same lines, the garments are either flat knits or textured but never printed patterns nor dyed in intense colors, all in an effort to not trigger sensory overload. These sleepers feature a back zipper, which helps put the decision of if and when to undress back into the hands of parents. By doing so, it further reduces parents’ anxiety by not allowing the child ready access to their diapers or pull ups. In fact, after many customers and friends saw the features, they started buying them for their typical toddlers as well, as they too often mischievously removed their pj’s.

To that end, Snugabye® started offering the similar garment in a wider range of sizes servicing extended age groups. With steadily growing interest, they have decided to expand the collection by adding additional colors and fabrics. Lastly, they feature their signature Convert-A-Foot® design, allowing the garment to be worn as either a footless or footed sleeper. This feature is truly amazing as it seemingly allows the garment to grow and fit the same child for a longer duration.  It also turns the sleeper into a lounge-like garment by becoming footless in seconds by just flipping the cuffs. This also allows it to be worn outdoors either barefoot or with socks and shoes. “So in summation, we created a garment that can be used by both special needs and typical kids alike. It can fit longer and be converted to different silhouettes, allowing it to be worn for both sleep and play.  As a special need parent, my wife and I have concluded that this garment changed our lives as it’s a total game-changer.”

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